Pinup Photography

Love the look of pinup? Become a pinup bombshell with us

At Scott Macshane Photography we offer dollops of vintage fun, beauty, and glamour at our pinup shoots – and who wouldn’t want that? Pinup offers women oodles of retro beauty, lashings of fun and glamour, a good mix of sass and sexiness – all topped off with plenty of personality. Plus our pinup experience is all about being inclusive; it’s about celebrating every woman and their beauty in a body positive way. It’s about infusing a little glamour into the lives of gals of all shapes, sizes, ages, and walks of life and making every woman feel special and beautiful.

And it sure is a great experience. You get all totally retro glammed up and made over. You step in front of the camera looking beautiful and feeling incredible. And you get your own shoot complete with posing coaching, advice, and support from us, so you can be confident that your your inner pinup bombshell will shine and you’ll get amazing photos. And did we mention it is a whole heap of fun too? Yup, that’s right – it is. Our pinup offerings are a great mix for a fantastic time and beautiful photography to last a lifetime.

It’s exciting, right? Yeah, but as tempting and fun as the thought of becoming a pinup bombshell might be I am sure a few of you have some reservations. Let’s address some of those and help make the decision to book that shoot much easier.

I don’t know if I can pull off being be a Pinup….

We know releasing your inner pinup is not as easy as just standing in front of the camera. It's a combination of glamorous retro make up, hair, and outfits along with great posing, expression, a whole a lot of personality, and preparation. This might sounds like a lot - and a bit daunting - but we can help you cover a lot of the bases and make transforming yourself into a pinup that much easier. If you book a pinup shoot with us you'll get our great PDF pinup preparation guide filled with advice, tips, and links to help you better prepare for your day and get more out of your pinup experience. In front of the camera you will get great supportive posing coaching and advice from us, so you can have the confidence that we'll make beautiful pinup images that you’ll love. And if you go ahead and invest in professional makeup and hair styling for your shoot - something we really recommend - you will look beautiful and feel incredible, so when you step on set you’ll have the confidence that you are looking gorgeous and absolutely photo ready.