Boudoir Photography

What is Boudoir?

Boudoir is a style of photography that is all about celebrating women and their beauty in an intimate way. The word was borrowed from a French term which meant a woman's bedroom or private room, nowadays - in photography at least - boudoir is used to refer to a style of alluring, and romantic photography which takes places in an intimate setting such as a bedroom or hotel room. With the genre subjects are commonly photographed in either alluring lingerie or a state of undress, and nudity is often implied rather than being explicit. Boudoir images can be romantic, soft, natural, sensual, fun, flirty, alluring, sexy, or naughty and run the gamut from tame to risque; ultimately the prime goal is to coach you through a series of poses designed to complement your body type and accentuate your positives to create beautiful, flattering images to last a lifetime.

Who is boudoir for?

Because boudoir photography is about celebrating the unique beauty of every woman of every shape and size. Any woman aged 18 or over can enjoy the fun, positive, confidence-boosting experience that boudoir photography offers.

Why Do Boudoir?

Women get boudoir photography done for many reasons. Boudoir photography makes a wonderful and uniquely personal present for that special someone in your life - and who wouldn't appreciate such a beautiful and sexy, for-your-eyes-only present to mark a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, or other special occasion?

Of course boudoir doesn't have to be just for that special someone in your life. Boudoir can be about you both, or even just yourself. So, whether you have it on your bucket list, are challenging yourself to do new things, looking for a confidence boost or to show off your confidence, celebrating yourself or the goals you have achieved, looking to inject some spice into your relationship ,or creating a wonderful memento of your beauty you can do it with boudoir. But, that said, you don't really need a reason to do boudoir other than why not?

Um…so, do I have to take my clothes off?

In short, no. Our boudoir sessions are about you and creating the mood that you want within your level of comfort. You are in complete control of what you want to reveal to the camera at your shoot and we survey you about your comfort level both at your pre-shoot consultation and on the day of your shoot. If you wish to be more daring rest assured you are in a safe, discreet, non-judgemental environment where you are free to create the beautiful and sensual boudoir imagery you wish.


Want to know more about the experience from a client's perspective? Read the testimonials below and hear what others have to say about boudoir photography with Scott Macshane Photography.

“it’s helped me feel more confident about my body”.

"It's understandable that a boudoir shoot can be a little intimidating. I was nervous at first, but working with Scott was an enlightening and enjoyable experience. During the shoot, he was considerate and helpful, guiding me and making me feel comfortable. The results were beyond my expectations and it's helped me feel more confident about my body. Plus my partner loves the photos."

- Ms. Y

“It was a great experience…”

"I decided to do a boudoir shoot because I wanted to do something different. It was fun to get my make up done and to get dressed up and my shoot with Scott was a great experience. He is very friendly and professional and made sure that I was comfortable during the session. I was excited to see the photos and I didn't expect that they would look so good. It was a great experience and I was happy I did it."

- Ms. S

” The most exciting part was seeing the photos…”

"At first I didn't know exactly what to expect, but when we got into it, it was so much fun! The shoot took me out of my comfort zone, but I'm definitely glad I did it. I loved getting my make up done by a professional, and Scott made the experience really enjoyable and was totally professional during the shoot. The most exciting part was seeing the photos after they'd been processed - they looked amazing!"

- Ms. H

“I’m thrilled at the resulting photos…”

"I had always thought that doing a boudoir shoot would be fun! I thought doing a boudoir shoot would be a great gift for my partner, as well as being a body-positive experience for me! Scott was excellent to work with and really great at suggesting poses and coaching me even though I've never really modelled. Being in front of the camera can be hard work, but I always felt comfortable! I'm thrilled at the resulting photos - they're not only beautiful but Scott was able to capture my personality! Not to mention, the shoot was the best excuse to buy some sexy shoes. Now I just can't wait to give my partner the photos. I know he is going to love his special gift."

- Ms. A

“I had no idea then just how important that experience would be to my self image…”

"As a mum in my early 30's I have dedicated the past few years to looking after my now 3 year old daughter. Although I have enjoyed this time, I also found that I was slowly "losing myself". I felt as though my identity as a woman had completely lost way to motherhood. I decided to give a boudoir shoot a shot, completely venturing out of my comfort zone in an attempt to "rediscover" myself. I had no idea then just how important that experience would be to my self image. When I saw my photos I hardly recognised myself... I guess I hadn't seen myself from that perspective before. Scott was very professional, giving me clear instructions, making the photo-shoot, which I had expected to be intimidating; fun. I never imagined that I would ever do something like that, but I am very happy I did!"

- Ms. G